Sultry New Year’s Eve Smokey Eye – ABH Soft Glam Palette


If you’re wanting to glam up for New Years Eve tonight but you’re not one for the bright colors and crazy glitter, don’t you worry because I have you covered!

I put together this sultry, smokey eye that will have you looking glamorous for all your party plans tonight!

Keep reading to get all the details on this look!


Let’s Get Started!

For this look I’m going to be using my Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Soft Glam palette.


To start off, I’m going to grab a little bit of Dusty Rose on a fluffy brush and blend it into my crease.





Then, dipping into the shade Burnt Orange, I’m applying that to my crease as well, grabbing a clean blending brush to blend the two shades together. 




Moving on to the lid, I’m going to lightly spray my flat shadow brush with Mario Badescu’s Rose water spray and then dip into the shade Rose Pink and apply it all over the lid. 

I love spraying my brush before applying my shadow to really get that pigmented look I want. 



Grabbing another flat brush, I’m going in with the shade Sultry and applying this to the lid as welll, starting at the outer corner of my life, and working my way into the center of my lid. 




Then, grabbing another fluffy brush, I’m going to grab a little bit of Cyprus Umber and apply that to my outer v, and blending it all together. 


Once the shadows are done, I’m just going to tight-line and line my waterline with a black pencil liner, then grabbing a liquid eyeliner to create a wing on both eyes. 

To pull the whole look together, I applied mascara to my top and lower lashes and added my Ardell Double Demi Wispies false lashes.


and, that is the finished look!

I hope you guys liked this sultry glam eye. As always, if you recreate the look be sure to tag me in your photos on Instagram and Twitter I would love to see it!

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I hope you all have an amazing (and safe!)  New Year’s Eve tonight with your family and/or friends!

Xx, Juliana

Colorful New Years Eve Glam


Hey loves!

Can you believe tomorrow is New Years Eve?! 2018 has seriously flown by!

With tomorrow being New Years Eve, I have been trying to think of what look I wanted to wear tomorrow night, and I thought I would share one of my options with you guys.

I thought it would be fun to play around with some bright colors and glitter, because let’s be real, what’s a New Years look with no glitter?

So, if you want to find out how the achieve this look, keep reading!


Let’s Get Started! 



To start this look off, I grabbed my Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism palette and dipped into the shade Lure with a fluffy brush blending it into my crease.




Next, with that same fluffy brush I went into the shade Eden also applying that to my crease and then just grabbing a clean blending brush to blend the two shades togethe



Then, grabbing my concealer and a flat concealer brush I went ahead and cut my crease.

DSC_0366Once that was done, I grabbed my BH Cosmetics, Sixth Edition 120 Color Eyeshadow palette, and went with a flat eyeshadow brush into this really pretty turquoise blue shadow applying it all over my lid

Then with a small pencil brush, I took that same color and blended it to the inner corner of my lower lash line.


After applying that last shadow to my lid, the color was a little lighter than I wanted for this look, so I went ahead and dipped into this darker, royal blue color and applied it to my lid as well, focusing mainly on the outer third of my eye.


And with a small pencil brush, I also applied it to my lower lash line, blending it in with that turquoise color we applied a moment ago.

The two shades of blue were beautiful on their own, but because it’s New Years Eve, I wanted to go a little more out and take the look one step further with some glitter!

Now for a normal look, glitter glue is definitely the way you should go when it comes to loose glitter, however I did not have that on hand.


What I did have though, is a glitter lipgloss from CoverGirl.

Again, you definitely should go for the glitter glue to keep your look lasting much longer, and the glitter in place but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I took a tiny bit of this lip gloss with a small, flat brush and applied it to the inner corner of my lid, taking it the slightest bit into the center.


Then, with that same brush I grabbed this super pretty loose silver glitter from BH Cosmetics and applied it over the gloss to the inner corner of my lid.



Once the glitter had set I tight-lined my eye with a black pencil liner, and grabbed a royal blue liner to apply to my water line.

Then, finally I applied mascara to my top and lower lashes, and applied some false lashes; for this look I used the Ardell Double Demi Wispies.


And we are all done!

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Also if you have any requests for future looks be sure to let me know in the comments below!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve tomorrow!

Have fun but also remember to be safe!

I will see you all next time!

Xx, Juliana

My Top Summer 2018 Outfits! | Fashion Friday

It’s sadly that time of year that every student dreads. The end of summer and the beginning of a new semester.

Well, considering fall Is my favorite season, and I actually enjoy what I’m studying in college, I don’t know how much I dread it, but I will definitely miss the beach days. relaxing by the pool, the traveling, and most definitely the summer fashion.

I got to wear a lot of beautiful outfits this season, so I decided to round up my top 5 looks that I wore during Summer 2018 and share them with you all!

Look 1: Top Forever 21 Shorts and Choker: Jewlz Fashion Boutique


This look was by far my favorite to rock this summer! This is the season to rock those bright colors, and this top did not disappoint. The vibrant colors work together so seamlessly and really give you that fun, summery vibe. The way the top flows in the wind is so beautiful it makes me feel like I’m back on the runway even if I’m just walking along the beach. The choker really helped make this outfit for me too! The colors were literally a perfect match for the top and when it came together, the whole look gave me major festival vibes.

Look 2: Dress: Forever 21 Jacket and Booties: Jewlz Fashion Boutique


Leopard was huge this summer and I am all for it! I found this shift dress at Forever 21 and fell in love with it! Not only is the print cute and on trend this season but it is so comfortable! I mean, this is easily the softest material I’ve ever felt on a dress, and it’s super lightened airy which is definitely good for those hot summer days. As hot as summer is here in California, and definitely in Florida where I wore this outfit, I’m still that crazy person that gets cold all the time, especially towards the end of the day, so having this bomber jacket was key for me! It’s not too heavy so it kept me feeling good when I started to get a bit chilly and added a nice pop of color!

Look 3: Romper and Earrings: Jewlz Fashion Boutique


Bright colors and fun prints might be big during the summer months, but sometimes you just want to go for a nice solid piece. However, solid doesn’t have to be boring. I absolutely love this navy lace up romper from Jewlz Fashion Boutique. The gold detailing along the lace up is beautiful, the cut outs hit in a flattering spot, and the ruffle along the shoulders adds a cute feminine touch. Its simple, but still hot, perfect for a fun night out!

Look 4: Two Piece Set: Jewlz Fashion Boutique


Say Aloha to your new favorite summer set! I really liked this look, the Hawaiian vibe from the floral print is stunning, and it’s very good quality and feels really nice on! The top is really cute, and with the adjustable straps and tie on the front, you can shift it around a bit to make sure you are held in nicely. My favorite thing about this set though, are the pants! The cutouts are perfect, not too low not to high, and super flattering!

Look 5: Set: Jewlz Fashion Boutique


Who says a girly girl can’t look sporty every now and then? This set is so cute! The whole look gave me J.Lo vibes and makes me want to be one of her dancers (or just be her) even more than I already do. White and grey aren’t usually colors I go for, but this set definitely changed my mind about it. I love how light it is, the pattern is really cool, and it gives you that athletic look while still being fashionable!

Well, there you have my favorite looks for the season! As I put this together I noticed a shopping pattern; Jewlz Fashion Boutique and Forever 21! I clearly have my favorites!

What are your favorite stores to shop at? and What were your favorite trends this summer?

Life Update | Car Accident

IMG_4565Hey guys!

I know it’s been a while since I posted but don’t worry I have some exciting stuff planned for you guys so stay tuned!

This past month has been painfully busy – emphasis on the painful. As some of you may know I’ve been competing in pageants for years and currently hold the Miss California U.S. Miss title. (I’m flying as I type this to Clearwater Florida for the national pageant!)

If the craziness of juggling work and preparing for a national pageant wasn’t enough, my mom and I were in a pretty bad car accident just three weeks ago and that put everything on hold. Between our physical injuries, and the mental toll it has taken on the both of us, I had no idea how to get on with life, let alone prepare for a pageant.

I’ve always been anxious on the road and worried about these kinds of situations and I have always thought about how I’d react in the situation, but nothing could have prepared me for the harsh reality of a car accident.

If I close my eyes I can still feel my heart sinking as our car was sent spinning. I remember feeling the wind knocked out of me and feeling like I couldn’t breathe.  I can smell the smoke filling the car, and more than anything I can vividly see all of the glass and blood all over the inside of our car.

It was a real life nightmare.

Even three weeks after the accident I’m still in some physical pain but the mental side of it, is so much worse than I could even describe. Between the constant flashbacks, the grueling nightmares, the anxiety of getting back in a car, and so much more, these have by far been the most difficult three weeks I have ever experienced.

I’m not going to go into too much detail of the accident, mainly because I’m still processing everything and struggling to deal with the whole situation myself, but I just wanted to give you all an update on where I have been.

I know this post is short and not too fun but please bear with me! I have some posts planned that are a lot more exciting and happier than this one so be on the look out for those! 

And to everyone that heard about the accident earlier, whether you know me personally or found out through my social media and reached out, thank you so so much! 

Your love and prayers mean the entire world to me!

Xoxo, Juliana